Image illustraing a Low Pressure Gravity System

Low pressure gravity systems

If you have a cold water tank (cistern) in your loft and a hot water tank (cylinder) in your airing cupboard, you have a gravity-fed system. It’s the most common household plumbing system and means you have a low pressure water system.

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If your hot water cylinder is large enough and you want a more powerful shower, it is possible to boost your system with a shower pump.

Image illustraing a High Pressure water system - combination boiler

High pressure water systems - Combination Boiler

If you have a combination boiler (Combi) which heats water on demand, then you'll have a high pressure water system.  These boilers are generally the size of a kitchen cupboard stored somewhere in your house. You won't have hot and cold water tanks.

Combi boilers send hot water into the central heating system and to the hot water outlets (taps / shower, etc.)

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Image illustraing a High Pressure - Mains Pressure Unvented

High pressure water systems - Unvented

If you have a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard but no cold water tank in your loft, then you'll have an unvented System.  

This essentially means you have a mains water fed cylinder delivering a high flow rate of hot water. There is equal pressure between hot and cold water taps through the whole house.

 A shower pump is not required for this type of water system.

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Image illustrating a cold mains supply

Cold mains supply

You don't have stored hot water at all or, don't want to use up all the hot water when you have a shower.

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Note, be careful to ensure you have the correct electricity cable to power the electric shower.If in doubt, please consult with a qualified electrician.

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