Mixer Showers

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What is a Mixer Shower?

Mixer showers take water from both hot and cold water supplies. They mix the hot and cold to reach a desired temperature. They generally flow faster than electric showers. If you have a low pressure gravity water system, you can make the flow more forceful by
adding a shower pump. Mixer showers ideal for homes with a plentiful supply of hot water.

What is a Concealed Mixer Shower?

Concealed showers have their valves fitted into the wall. This means that the wall must be ideally a partition wall or it must be
excavated to accommodate the shower’s valve. The controls will be neater and more compact and are a good choice for a smaller showering enclosure where every inch of space matters.  

What is an Exposed Mixer Shower?

Exposed showers can be fitted directly on to the wall. This makes the product easier to install as there will be little disruption to the
bathroom wall. To make installation even easier consider utilising exposed pipework which requires no wall excavation at all. However,
it’s worth remembering that an exposed Mixer shower’s controls are normally larger and could encroach upon a small showering area. 

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